Santa Juana Lodge

Our Mission Statement

Our DNA has been green right from the start.

One of the early advocates of eco-tourism, Greentique Hotels founder and CEO Jim Damalas helped pioneer the concept of sustainable hospitality more than 20 years ago, with the group’s first property, Sí Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge, in Manuel Antonio. Today, Greentique Hotels is a recognized leader in sustainable hospitality in Costa Rica, and beyond. Sustainable hospitality is the unifying principle that connects all Greentique staff and management and is expressed through our passionate and deeply held conviction to respect, honor, and protect the Magic of Nature.

Those values are the foundation of our brand, resulting in a behavioral commitment to continuous improvement in sustainable hospitality across all Greentique properties and activities. It is how we deliver exceptional Costa Rica experiences that are shaped around the unique bio-regions within the four climate zones in which we operate.

Reducing our carbon footprint while increasing our activity in protecting the natural resources in our areas of operation is one of our key objectives. The other is the economic sustainability of the surrounding communities where we operate. We believe Costa Rica’s natural resources include its people, heritage, and culture. So we actively support programs and initiatives in the towns and villages surrounding each hotel, which includes our long-held commitment to hire locally. We invite you to learn more about the hotel and surrounding communities by talking to our staff at any Greentique Hotel, the majority of whom grew up in the area.